Cassia Seibel
piano, recorder, Ukulele

Cassia Seibel started formal piano study in 1984 when she was just three years old.  She began accompanying for both children’s choirs and soloists in 1992.  In 1998, she started accepting piano students.

Cassia Seibel has had a rich and varied musical life.  She has been involved in several musical theater organizations, accompanied church choirs in three countries, played violin and backup vocals on an award-winning short film, composed and arranged songs for piano and voice, played soprano recorder in a renaissance recorder ensemble, and has sung in countless choirs and small vocal ensembles.

She currently resides in Stockton, California with her husband and four children.  Her home studio features a warm, family friendly environment.  Piano students enjoy access to several digital pianos, enabling duets, ensembles, and group lessons for families. Low-key minimal decorations and environmentally conscious low-UV lighting make this a must-see studio.